Sunday, September 1, 2013

2nd edition WH40K Chaos Cult Army - Unoffical Additions and proposed Army List

I'm getting close to finishing up (for now) my ork army and started messing around with the idea of a Chaos Cult Army. I made two new troop types to add based on some WHFB chaos models I had around being unused. I based the Chaos Acolytes on Chaos Marauders and intend on using those models to represent them. I played around with the idea of using Chaos Brethren from the Mordheim range or Necromunda Redemptionists models for them. Those models can be kind of  hard to find at a reasonable price so I decided to just use what I have. For a different look to them I suppose old Empire Flagellants would work just as well and eventually I might add a unit using those models once I get the core of this one built and painted.

Acolyte Cultist Coven:
9 points each
Squad size 5-10
M/4  WS/3  BS/3  S/3  T/3  W/1  I/4  A/1  Ld/8

Weapons: Acolyte Covens are armed with two handed weapons (+2 str)
Armor: may be equipped with Flak Armor +2 points
Special: Frenzy. Acolyte covens are frenzied and follow all the normal rules for frenzied troops as outlined in the rulebook.

1 Acolyte Coven may be included in a Chaos Cult Army for each full unit of 20 Cultist Coven in the army.

4 points each
Squad Size: 10-40

M/4  WS/2  BS/3  S/3  T/3  W/1  I/3  A/1  Ld/5

Weapons and Equipment: Ungors are armed with a single sword, axe, or club

May be equipped with:
Flak Armor +2 points
Autogun +1 point
Autopistol +1 point
Additional sword, axe or club +1 point
Primitive shield +1 point

Special: 1 squad of Ungors may be included in a Chaos Cult Army for each unit of Beastmen..

*note- I based The Ungor stats and point cost on Gretchen from the Ork army list in the Black Codex.

My Proposed Chaos Cult Army List:

1 Demogogue - Vor Union Infantry commander in Power Armor miniature (treat as carapace) pretty decent model, may add a sword to be used as a power sword or force sword if upgraded to a Magus.

1 Cult Icon Bearer - old RT Imperial Guard standard bearer

1 Chaos Magus- Mordheim Cult Magister miniature

10 Beastman armed w/chainswords and bolt pistols

1 Beastman Champion w/double handed weapon - I think it was a Ral Partha Crucible Tauren figure

13 Ungors w/hand weapons (may add autopistols to them)

16 Chaos Acolytes- 5th ed WHFB Chaos Marauders w/flails and double handed weapons

Hellhound Tank

LeMan Russ Battle Tank

2 Imperial Guard Sentinels (need 1 more)

*10 + more Beastman and chainswords. (never enuff chainswords)
*20+ cultists - plan on using a combination of newer plastic Cadians and Zombies for these. 40 would be ideal (eventually)
 *7 Ungors
*4 Chaos Marauders w/flails or double handed weapons

*1 more Imperial Guard Sentinel
*10 Rough Riders - ideally I just need the lance arms, I can make the rest. probably end up making the lances myself. I'm dreaming of Camel riding Knights (rough)
*5 Ogryns - I have some of these somewhere but seem to be MIA

*maybe a  Chaos Dreadnought- I'm being picky here and want a RT era Chaos Dreadnought.I can use it in my Daemon world army as well.

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