Friday, August 30, 2013

40K2 Skirmish Rules

Here are some ideas and the bare bones of a rules set we are working to play small skirmish level fights in the 40K universe. Reminiscent of the warband construction from Rogue Trader, and chaos warbands from Lost and the Damned and Slaves To Darkness.

Keep as simple as possible without a lot of record keeping.
Some basic ideas for 40K skirmish level rules:

Start with 100 points from the Black Codex Army Lists (2nd edition box set list).
After a battle roll a d6 for each "casualty" (model killed):
1-4 fully recovers
5 Wounded - misses next battle
6 dead

Possible special ability and advancements (i.e. Necromunda ??)

Winning a skirmish gets you +15 points
Causing a wound to an opponent in combat- +1 point for each wound inflicted
causing a casualty in a game +2 points -
(not sure yet) - but possibly 5 kills = that model earns "got lucky" = gets to reroll any 1 die roll in a game (one use only)
(+mission card points ??)- not sure about this yet.
After a skirmish, points may be saved, or used to buy new troops, equipment,weapons,vehicles or upgrades to characters.

Ignore squad coherency rules.
Destroyed weapons, i.e. hit/misfire rolls, etc. permanently destroys that weapon.
Grenades must be purchased for each skirmish.
One shot weapons/grenades/ wargear must be purchased each skirmish.

other ideas: possible scenarios/missions - standard mission cards, Necromunda missions Use Necromunda special event cards. etc. etc. fight monsters exploring random encounters. pretty much anything we can think of actually. Use The Mega scenario and campaign charts from the Rogue Trader rulebook (?) Lots of great story ideas in there.
add vehicle rules later psykers etc.
Once a warband reaches 1000 points - probably should be retired as that gets more into standard 40K size games.

I am considering starting out with either Adeptus Arbites or Sisters of Battle using the Imperial Agents army list from the Black Codex.

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