Thursday, August 29, 2013

Da Nu Wagghhh !! pt.1



One of the few armies I have never fielded in all my days of playing 2nd edition 40K... ORKS !!! So, having a trukk load of the old 2nd edition plastic Goffs and Gretchen that were given to me by a friend. I decided to paint them up and start me a Wagghhh. 

The Painted:
So farI have a mob of 10 Goffs painted up, 1 has a missile launcher I added from the plastic space marines from the box set.  I did a minor weapon swap from a couple old static pose Black Orcs from the WHFB range to use as Nobz. (I've seen this done more often tha nought back in the day... cheap and easy.

A second mob of 11 plastic Goffs, one equipped with a plasma gun that was in my bitz bin.

A Rhino that I bought used for $5. It was already RED and on it's way to orkiness. I did some touch up painting to it and added a few more bitz of Orkiness to it. I need a mob of Blood Axes to officially take Imperial vehicles... those will be along soon enough.

A small mob of 2nd edition grimacing Gretchen have joined the party. Way too many more of these to paint up yet. It's a tedious monotonous affair.

My Warboss is the newest of the models that I have for the Orks. he is a Nob from the 97 era once they turned into giant gorillas. I modeled a new hat for him out of green stuff and gave him a kustom shoota.

An Ork Army Standard Bearer was converted from a metal Black Orc figure from the WHFB range. His banner is actually the label from an old can of citadel matte finish spray primer.

mob of Goffs with 2 Nobs

another mob of Goffs

home made Splatta Kannon and Ork Standard Bearer


Grimacing Gretchen

Da War Boss

War trakk and 2 War Trukks

2 home made Splatta Kannons- with oddz and endz gretchen and WHFB gobbos used as crew

Home made Splatta Kannon field test ...check.

Grimacing Gretchen from 2nd edition box set.
 I've written up some stats and rules for Gretchen Squig Hoppers
That I am hoping to try out soon.

 Recent Additions:
That is the extent of the painted up NU WAGHHH. I've since acquired a sizable amount of Rogue Trader Orks that I traded some Catachan Jungle Fighters for. The old  Ork Raiders box set of 17 metal models (very cool and was a super sweet deal), 6 heavy weapon Rt Orks (a Deathskulls mob perhaps), A Deathskull Nob, a Runtherder, 7 Gorka Morka orks (possible Blood Axes) , a couple misc models and 2 trukks and a wartrakk. 

 I have a dozen old space ork models that were made by RAFM that I may use as "counts as" Orks in mega armor.

Orky Terrain:
I'm slowly working on getting this addition orked up and ready to play as well as making some orky themed terrain. "Da Squig Pen" and a weirdboy tower. I eventually plan on making some wall sections and a few more ork buildings made. Enough to set up a village or fortified area.

Field Test:
I played a small Ork war party (500 points) as allies in a Chaos Army (Nurgle). It was a 1500 point game against Imperial Guard. I won by a landslide however the orcs didn't accomplish very much other than being used as a screen and diversion.

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