Friday, October 25, 2013

Gobsmasha...finished and awesome !

My home made and painted Ork gobsmasha. I used the templates from the Vehicle Manual. I've had a couple games with it and love love love it ! for 100 points is a definetly Big Dakka Gun for my Ork Boyz.

A few pictures of in progress and for size comparison. I photocopied the templates. I used matte board for the majority of it. Popscicle sticks for the treads and odds and ends bitz and extras from my vehicle parts box.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

More Gobsmasha and how a game company use to be awesome.

A blast from the past - The Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle Manual. A pretty cool book from 1992 when Warhammer 40K was transitioning from Rogue Trader to 2nd edition. I consider this book part of the 1st edition rules which fit in with the Battle Manual.  There is a definite resemblance and morphing of the rules into what most consider the best version EVER of Warhammer 40K..our beloved 2nd edition.

Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle Manual
 The book part itself is actually thin counting out at a whopping 31 pages. There are 30 card datafaxes, card reference sheets and templates that need to be cut out. Also included are 2 clear plastic targeting templates. Back then in 1992 the company that made this book actually did cool stuff like show how to convert a Rhino into a whirlwind. FOR FREE even. aha they didn't charge any extra for it. The modeling workshop originally was published in White Dward magazine issue numer 117. Wow ! The coolest and best part of the book in my opinion is the awesome 4 page instructions on how to make a custom Gobsmasha. Complete with templates to use to cut out of cardstock or plastic or whatever you decide to make a Gobsmasha out of. Ork Mekaniaks everywhere were 'eadbanging overtime kustomizing and tinkering with all kinds of bitz and whatzitdoes to make theirs the best Gobsmasha ever seen (or heard). it also included Banners and tips and hints on kustomizing... good stuff and good times from when a game company threw in the extra tidbits and freebies to there loyal followers.

To try to answer the age old question of How many Orks does it take to drive a Gobsmasha? ... According to the 2nd edition datafax and this article in the Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle Manual..."2 or 3 Wildboys who jump around and try to grab the steering wheel off each other". Here is the conundrum. The datafax in theVehicle Manual states that there is 1 DRIVER and 3 Gunners for the Gobsmasha. The extra 2 gunners are for the option of either a heavy plasma gun or heavy bolters with a 90 degree fire to the front for 25 points each.


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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ork - Master Mekaniak 2nd edition Warhammer 40K (house rules)

Home brew rules for Da Ork Master Mekaniak for 2nd edition Warhammer 40,000

Master Mekaniak (39 points)
upgrades to regular mekboy stats-cost already figured in to the 39 pts
  • add +1 to wounds characteristic +5 pts.
  • +1 to Ld +2 pts
  • Mek Repair Roll +10 pts
  • Master Mek Tools +5 pts repair vehicle roll: see chart below
  • everything else is treated as regular mekboy stats. options, etc
Repairing a Damaged Vehicle
Master Mekaniak may attempt to repair a single damaged hit location on a vehicle, dreadnought, or damaged support weapon per turn While doing so, the model cannot shoot or fight in close combat. The location must be repairable. weapons that have been completely blown off or engines that have been completely destroyed, etc. may not be repaired. At the end of the turn, roll a d6
  • 1    OOps --- A catastrophic whatzitdo has been broken and the vehicle blows up causing d6 str 5 hits (-2 save) in a d3" radius
  • 2-4    hmmm that odd.... y aint it working?  Can try again next turn
  • 5    Success !! it works !! successfully repaired
  • 6    Eureka ! not only is it repaired but if the location is the:  
    • Hull/Body - add +1 to the AV of that location
    • Wheels/Tracks/Legs - add +d3" to movement for the rest of the game
    • Weapons/Arms - repaired and may fire immediately.
    • Turret - add +1 to armor value OR may fire again immediately

A Master Mekaniak may have up to 3 mekboy assistants (As regular Mekaniaks) only 1 wargear card  each.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

How many Orks does it take to drive a Gobsmasha ?

I just thought this was hilarious. How many Orks does it take to drive a Gobsmasha ? ...  evidently 3 !!

Gobsmasha Datafax

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Ork Nobz and Chaos Cult Rough Knight Riders

Eat Sleep Play Warhammer
A quick update.
5 more grimacing Gretchen painted
3 "counts as" Nobz painted - these are old Rafm figures from the 90's I have a total of 11 of them. They will work. May or moy not replacew them with actual old RT/2nd ed GW Ork Nobz. Kind of hard to find and spendy to.

"counts as" Nobz

5 Chaos Cult Rough Knight Riders put together out of old Bretonnian Knights, Zombie and misc parts. I added a few extra bits to the lance tips so they look more like "exploding hunting lances". I included a standard bearer. I'm not to clear on the actual rules for them as the Chaos Cult army lists say that you ignore the normal command structure when including Imperial Guard as allies. So I wonder if that means that you can or can't take command squads ? I want to include a Rough Rider Standard Bearer to get the +1 to HTH combat score and a re-roll of failed leadership tests. As well as having a Lt who gets one wargear card. The +1 bonus only applies to the squad with the banner, but any squads of Rough Riders within 12" benefit from the Leadership break test re-roll. It would also be nice to make them veteran fighters to be able to re-roll any single attack dice, plus they can't be parried.

Work in Progress Chaos Cult Rough "Knight" Riders

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Warhammer 40K Dark Millennium Box Set

For Those wondering what was included in The 2nd Edition Warhammer 40K expansion set called Dark Millennium I went through my box set and came up with detailed list of the box set contents. This set is just chock full of deviousness, shenanigans and other mayhem.2nd edition 40K games just wouldn't be the same without it. If you have been playing 40K without it, you have no idea of the awesomeness you have been missing.

Sets can usually found on ebay relatively cheap, I managed to snag one a couple months ago. (May 2013) that was complete along with all the books,templates, dice, counters and buildings from the 2nd edition WH40K box set. Wait, it gets better... it also included an Imperial Guard and an Ultramarine codex....all for the winning bid of $1....... that's right... ONE score. yep

So without further ado ---
Dark Millennium Box Set Contents List

48-page Dark Millennium Rulebook

24 Vehicle Data Cards
  • Ork Warbike
  • Ork Nobz Bike
  • Ork Dreadnought
  • Ork War Buggy
  • Ork Wartrack
  • Ork Scorcher
  • LeMan Russ Battle Tank
  • Imperial Guard Sentinel
  • Imperial Guard Land Speeder
  • Space Marine Bike
  • Space Marine Attack Bike
  • Space Marine Land Raider
  • Space Marine Predator
  • Space Marine Land Speeder
  • Space Marine Rhino
  • Space Marine Dreadnought
  • Eldar Dreadnought
  • Eldar War Walker
  • Eldar Vyper
  • Eldar Jetbike
  • Squat Heavy Bike
  • Squat Bike
  • Chaos Space Marine Bike
  • Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought
60 Psychic Power Cards
  • Da Krunch
  • Waaagh!
  • Squish
  • 'Eadbutz
  • DeathWave
  • Brain Bursta
  • Kop Dis!
  • Power Vomit
  • Mind War
  • Doom
  • Battle Fate
  • Destructor
  • Executioner
  • Eldritch Storm
  • Guide
  • Fortune
  • Iron Arm
  • Teleportation
  • Quickening
  • Prescience
  • Smite
  • The Salamander
  • Psycjic Shield
  • Strength Of Mind
  • Vortex
  • Aura Of Fortitude
  • Purge Psyker
  • Scourging
  • Holocaust
  • Storm Of Wrath
  • Aura Of Fire
  • Destroy Daemon
  • Displacement
  • Lightning Arc
  • Hellfire
  • Machine Curse
  • Assail
  • The Gate
  • Scan
  • The Carmine Assassin
  • Acquiescence
  • Fleshy Curse
  • Beam Of Slaanesh
  • Pavane Of Slaanesh
  • Bolt Of Change
  • Pink Fire Of Tzeentch
  • Tzeentch's Fire Storm
  • Boon Of tzeentch
  • Aura Of Decay
  • Stream Of Corruption
  • Miasma Of Pestilence
  • Plague Wind
  • Force Dome
  • Mental Fortress
  • Hammer Of Fury
  • Domination
  • Hypnotic Gaze
  • Catalyst
  • Psychic Scream
  • The Horror
 36 Card Warp Deck
  • 22 Force cards
  • 8 Nullify cards
  • 1 each - Reflection, Destroy Power, Psychic Duel, Daemonic Attack, Energy Drain, Ultimate Force
 18 Strategy Cards
  • Ambush
  • Barrage
  • Booby Traps
  • Brilliant Strategy
  • Crack Shot
  • Craven Cowardice
  • Delayed
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Flank March
  • Forced March
  • Insane Courage
  • Look Out Sir - AAARGH!
  • Malfunction
  •  Reinforcements
  • Saved
  • Special Issue
  • Traitor
  • Virus Outbreak

 10 Vehicle Cards
  •  4 Imperial - Bulldozer Blade, Heavy Flamer, Hunter-Killer Missile, Storm Bolters
  •  2 Ork - Squig Fuel Injector, Kustom ForceField
  •  4 General - Null Shield, Reinforced Armour, Searchlight, Supercharged Engine
9 Counters
  • 6 Rad markers for Rad Grenades
  • 1 Traps marker
  • 1 Virus marker
  • 1 Slaanesh effect marker
7  Templates - Most are double sided templates

  • Da Krunch template
  • Eldritch Storm/Force Dome
  • Death Wave
  • Destructor/Stream of Corruption
  • The Gate (2 gates plus plastic stands)
  • Hellfire/Machine Curse
  • Smite/Firestorm of Tzeentch
55 Wargear Cards
  • Armour Piercing Ammo
  • Aegis Suit
  • Aux. Grenade Launcher
  • Bionic Arm
  • Bionic Leg
  • Cameleoline
  • Combat Drugs
  • Digital Lasers
  • Frenzon
  • Immune
  • Jump Pack
  • Master Crafted Bolt Pistol
  • Medi-Pack
  • Power Field
  • Rad Grenades
  • Seeking Ammo
  • Stasis Grenade
  • Storm Shield
  • Targeter
  • Teleport Jammer
  • Toxin Grenade
  • Virus Grenade
  • Warp Jump
  • Polymorphine - Officio Assassinorum only
  • Nemesis Force Weapon - Inqisitors and Grey Knights only
  • Psycannon - Imperium only
  • Graviton Gun - Imperial Tech-Priests and Squat Engineers only
  • Night Wing The Psyber Raven - Space Wolves Rune Priest only
  • The Hood Of Gnyrll - Space Wolves Rune Priest only
  • The Wolf Helm of Russ  - Space Wolves only
  • The Axe of Morkai - Space Wolves Commander only
  • The Rune Staff Stormcaller -Njal Stormcaller only
  • Frostfang - Space Wolves only
  • The Pelt of Wulfen - Space Wolves Commander only
  • Force Axe - Psykers only
  • Psychic Hood - Psykers only
  • Force Sword - Psykers only
  • Force Rod - Psykers only
  • Daemon Weapon - Chaos only
  • Witch Blade - Eldar Psykers only
  • Bright Lance - Eldar only
  • Lasblaster - Eldar only
  • Singing Spear - Eldar Psykers only
  • EldarSpirit Stone - Eldar Psykers only
  • Seer Runes - Eldar Farseers only
  • Executioner - Eldar only
  • Teleskopic Legs - Orks only
  • Kustom Force Field - Orks only
  • Weirdboy Staff - Ork Weirdboyz only
  • Kustom Shoota - Orks only
  • Gyro Stabilized Monowheel - Orks only
  • Steel Skull - Orks only
  • Kustom Blasta - Orks only
  • Spike Arm - Orks only
  • Squig Attack Arm - Orks only

4 Mission Cards -  2 of each- 1 green, 1 blue
  • Guerilla War
  • Witch Hunt

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Deathskull Boss

Deathskull Boss

 Meanwhile on the Battlefield

Bloodaxes led by da War Boss charge a Chaos Dreadnought

Orks vs. Chaos - small skirmish