Friday, September 6, 2013

Ork Nobz and Chaos Cult Rough Knight Riders

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A quick update.
5 more grimacing Gretchen painted
3 "counts as" Nobz painted - these are old Rafm figures from the 90's I have a total of 11 of them. They will work. May or moy not replacew them with actual old RT/2nd ed GW Ork Nobz. Kind of hard to find and spendy to.

"counts as" Nobz

5 Chaos Cult Rough Knight Riders put together out of old Bretonnian Knights, Zombie and misc parts. I added a few extra bits to the lance tips so they look more like "exploding hunting lances". I included a standard bearer. I'm not to clear on the actual rules for them as the Chaos Cult army lists say that you ignore the normal command structure when including Imperial Guard as allies. So I wonder if that means that you can or can't take command squads ? I want to include a Rough Rider Standard Bearer to get the +1 to HTH combat score and a re-roll of failed leadership tests. As well as having a Lt who gets one wargear card. The +1 bonus only applies to the squad with the banner, but any squads of Rough Riders within 12" benefit from the Leadership break test re-roll. It would also be nice to make them veteran fighters to be able to re-roll any single attack dice, plus they can't be parried.

Work in Progress Chaos Cult Rough "Knight" Riders

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