Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ork - Master Mekaniak 2nd edition Warhammer 40K (house rules)

Home brew rules for Da Ork Master Mekaniak for 2nd edition Warhammer 40,000

Master Mekaniak (39 points)
upgrades to regular mekboy stats-cost already figured in to the 39 pts
  • add +1 to wounds characteristic +5 pts.
  • +1 to Ld +2 pts
  • Mek Repair Roll +10 pts
  • Master Mek Tools +5 pts repair vehicle roll: see chart below
  • everything else is treated as regular mekboy stats. options, etc
Repairing a Damaged Vehicle
Master Mekaniak may attempt to repair a single damaged hit location on a vehicle, dreadnought, or damaged support weapon per turn While doing so, the model cannot shoot or fight in close combat. The location must be repairable. weapons that have been completely blown off or engines that have been completely destroyed, etc. may not be repaired. At the end of the turn, roll a d6
  • 1    OOps --- A catastrophic whatzitdo has been broken and the vehicle blows up causing d6 str 5 hits (-2 save) in a d3" radius
  • 2-4    hmmm that odd.... y aint it working?  Can try again next turn
  • 5    Success !! it works !! successfully repaired
  • 6    Eureka ! not only is it repaired but if the location is the:  
    • Hull/Body - add +1 to the AV of that location
    • Wheels/Tracks/Legs - add +d3" to movement for the rest of the game
    • Weapons/Arms - repaired and may fire immediately.
    • Turret - add +1 to armor value OR may fire again immediately

A Master Mekaniak may have up to 3 mekboy assistants (As regular Mekaniaks) only 1 wargear card  each.

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